H4 Led Bulbswith heat sink for Cars and motorcycles



Please Note: White Light Do Not Penetrate as Much as Yellow Light, hence people complain that they cannot see the road. These LED Lights face difficulty when they come in contact with yellow light as yellow light spreads more than White. That is why it’s difficult to see the road when there’s an oncoming traffic with yellow light. These lights are Actual 50 Watt LEDs Our H8 LED Light is completely fit to the Fog lights of Honda, Maruti & Ford cars, please check your vehicle compatibility while placing your order 300% brighter than traditional halogen lamps provide you with enough brightness that company Fog Lights fail to provide. These LED Bulbs work perfectly Fine on 12V Car batteries causing no harm to car batteries. People complaining about LEDs not working or getting fused after 5 mins of usage, please make sure you’re giving out power of 12V to 20V max to these bulbs. These bulbs are Tried and Tested on power Ranging from 12V to 33V, giving out a power of 25 Watts per bulb. These Bulbss are not universal, please refer to your car’s user manual or size chart for your fog light sizes. These will not fit in every car. If Bought without confirmation, we will not be liable for any issue. Thankyou.


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