Led Bar with 800 lumens



Carzex 7-Inch powerful fog light is designed by arranging 10+10 LEDs in spot beam pattern and 8+8 LEDs in flood beam pattern to produce a combination of Flood + Spot beam for maximum forward distance and high-speed visibility in the dark. Can be Hung on the Bumper or at the roof area of your Car. easily hanged with the help of Easy mounting Clamps and can turn on and off the light easily with on-off switch provided along the bar light. High brightness: Advanced LED chips and clear PC lens, powerful and bright light beam, let you see the forward dark road clearly. Its Direct connect to minimum 12V to 15V max power from DC Battery Power. Red & Black wires are on the bar light for connection, Red wire for (+) connection and Black wire for (-) connection. Slim Design Made Especially Suitable for Universal Car Compatibility. Super Bright White 7 INCH 36 LED Bar Light Made in India Specially for Highway Usage.


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